Are online health and safety training courses any good?

An online search for “online health and safety training courses” will produce 1000’s of results, but how can you tell if they’re any good?

Finding the right provider is vitally important when choosing any training or external advice. So we’ve suggested a few things to help you assess whether an online course provider is suitable. 

1. Accreditation 

It’s essential that the course is accredited by a professional, and or, governing body.  Accreditation gives you peace of mind that the content is compliant, fit for purpose and up-to-date. Your staff or contractors completing an accredited course will also assist in achieving health and safety compliance for your business.  

2. Flexibility

A major benefit of using online health and safety courses is the flexibility they offer in terms of time and location. The best online courses give candidates the option of completing it at their own pace, and include the ability to pause the training and returning to it later. 

3. Format and presentation

Good online health and safety training should deliver content in an engaging and informative way, otherwise you run the risk of candidates switching off from the course content.  Our online courses are tutor led and feature live pictures and animated graphics to maintain concentration and assist learning.

4. Blended health and safety training

Incorporating online courses in a health and safety training programme can deliver superb results. However, they can have limitations for some topics (Manual Handling or Working at Height training, for example). That’s why Atlas recommend a combination of online and offline training, giving you the best of both worlds.