Are online health and safety courses any good?

A simple online search for “online health and safety courses” will produce 1000’s of results but are these courses actually any good and should you book one?

The simple answer is, it depends.  Like any type of training, or external advice, finding the right person, or provider, can be tricky.  However there are several things you can look out for to assess whether the online course  and provider are worth investing in.  


It is essential that the course be accredited by a professional, and or, governing body.  Accreditation gives you peace of mind that the content is suitable, relevant and up-to-date.  Your staff or contractors completing an accredited course will also assist in achieving health and safety compliance for your business.  


One of the huge benefits of utilising health and safety online courses is the flexibility they offer in terms of time and location.  Not having to travel to a training centre or several members of staff not being absent from their usual responsibilities at the same time can dramatically decrease lost productivity.  To ensure you reap these benefits make sure the online course can be completed at the candidates own pace with the ability to pause and come back to the training.  

Format and presentation

It is all too easy for candidates sat alone in front of a computer or laptop to switch off from the course content.  Finding online health and safety courses which deliver the content in an engaging and informative way is key.  Our online courses are tutor led and feature live pictures and animated graphics to maintain concentration and assist learning.

Other services

We are big advocates for incorporating online courses into your health and safety training however we do recognise they do have their limitations for some topics.  Manual Handling and Working at Height training, for instance, will always require a level of practical demonstration and training.  Therefore, by using a provider who can offer and combine both online and offline training really will give you the best of both worlds.  

Looking for an online health and safety course?

We offer over 30, fully accredited online courses and can offer business accounts for multiple course purchases.  Take a look at our courses today.  

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