Common Construction Accidents

The Construction sector is one of the most dangerous areas to work in. There are lots of hazards from working at height, large machinery, working underground & being in and around objects that have a risk of falling.


 This is one of the most common accidents on a construction site, a fall is rarely simple though, it typically would consist of a fall from height i.e whilst walking across scaffolding. This type of fall      can result in serious injury or even death.


Large pieces can be dropped from machinery or things can be knocked off of scaffolding, tools can be dropped, causing them to strike someone on the ground below. Unfortunately, if workers are    hit by a falling object it can cause severe injury or can prove fatal.


Working around large machinery and or heavy equipment needs to be done with great care. Machinery if not used in the correct way can tip. Machinery can fail if it is not used in the correct way   and for the purpose in which it is intended to be used.


This sort of injury can arise from being crushed between two vehicles, crushed between machinery, or a moving vehicle/machine and into something stationary. A crushing injury can cause a lot of damage internally and can be difficult to recover from. These accidents are often caused by a lack of attention from employees or supervisors on the construction site.


Flammable liquids, chemicals and gases are used on construction sites and can ignite when torches or other flame tools are used. These liquids, chemicals and gases can cause fire or explosion and should be used and stored with caution. They should be kept in their original containers which are clearly labelled. They can cause serious harm if care is not taken.

To minimize the potential risk of these accidents happening it is essential to have health and safety procedures & risk assessments in place. PPE (personal protective equipment) should  always be worn when on a construction site.

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