Common construction site hazards

Construction sites are typically complex environments in terms of health and safety management. Every construction project (and therefore site) will present its own unique combination of safety considerations depending on construction design, build environment, multitude of contractors and weather conditions.  However, there are several common construction site hazards which, typically, affect nearly all construction builds.


Working at height

From roof work, scaffolding, ladders and fragile surfaces, working at height is commonplace on construction sites.  Risks can be minimised by following the working at height control measures

  • Avoid working at height if possible
  • Use an existing safe place of work
  • Provide work equipment to prevent falls
  • Mitigate distance and consequences of a fall
  • Instruction and training and/or other means

It is important to remember that working at height on site does not just include roof and scaffolding work as even a fall from a step ladder could result in injury.  


Slips, trips and falls

Common causes of slips, trips and falls on construction sites include; uneven surfaces, trailing cables, obstacles, wet surfaces and changes in level.  

These risks need to be identified in risk assessments and documented in the Site Safety File if the project is notifiable under the Construction (Design and Management) regulations (CDM regulations) .



Construction sites are often busy environments with sudden loud noises.  However, repetitive sounds from drills and other tools can have an equally  damaging long term affect on workers health.  Identification of risks via risk assessment and implementation of control measures through training and PPE will manage these risks.  It may also be necessary to assess the public’s noise risk level depending on the location of the construction site.



Only in exceptional circumstances should work ever be carried out on live electrical systems and always by a competent and qualified technician.  Common electrical construction site hazards include:

  • Electrical systems in buildings
  • Overhead power lines 
  • Underground cables


Expert help

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