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construction site setup

Setting up a construction site office correctly is vitally important. A health and safety inspector would check the setup of the construction site office to ensure all paperwork and documentation is in order.

So, what information needs to be displayed and what documents should you have to hand to ensure the correct construction site setup?

Information on display

Information that must be displayed on a construction site:

  • Health and Safety law poster
  • Insurance certificates
  • Fire and emergency plan
  • F10 for notifiable projects

These items are often easiest to display on a prominent notice board in your construction site office. Safety signage is also essential and will be displayed displayed in multiple locations around your construction site including the perimeter.

Documentation for safe working

All your construction activities need to be carefully planned to ensure the safety of your site, workers and contractors. Although it is not necessary to have every element of your project planned prior to commencing work, you must have a plan in place for your first tasks and activities, these plans will include:

  • Risk assessments – these must be in place for all work to be carried out
  • Method Statements – safe working procedures should be documented for high risk or complex activities
  • Permits to work – these control high risk activities on site

The following documents must be on site for the duration of your project:

  • Construction phase plan – required under the CDM Regulations 2015, this document is required on every construction site
  • Health and safety policy – if you employ 5 or more people, including sub-contractors, you are required to have a written health and safety policy available on site
  • Project documents – architects drawings of the project
  • Project surveys – i.e asbestos survey, ground investigations

Safety records

Documentation and records are essential for the smooth, safe running of any construction site and should include:

  • Site register – a signing in and out book is important, so you know who is on site at all times
  • Induction forms – every worker must be inducted before they can start work and their induction must be recorded
  • Toolbox talks – these are a good training method and help to raise health and safety awareness

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE should always be worn on site. There should be enough PPE for workers and any visitors to site.

  • Hard hats
  • Safety boots
  • Hi viz

These are all a must on a construction site. Other PPE maybe required depending on your project i.e.

  • Ear defenders
  • Dust masks
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection

First Aid

First Aid provisions are a legal requirement on site, you are required to have the following:

  • Appointed person in charge of first aid – ensure workers and contractors are aware who this is and how to contact them
  • First aid kit – containing enough provisions to deal with the number of workers on site. It must be kept in the site office.
  • Accident book – ensure all accidents, including non serious, are recorded
  • Fire extinguishers – there should be one in the site office and others around the site in accessible places

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