Fire safety in the workplace


Inadequate fire safety can lead to huge business losses. There are risks of hefty fines (up to £5,000 for a minor penalty) or even imprisonment for those that don’t follow the regulations. There’s also emotional trauma if work colleagues are injured or killed, as well as financial losses from business closer.

However, like many workplace accidents, fire hazards can be prevented with careful planning.

Fire safety best practice

If your business employs five people or more, you will need to identify and document any potential fire hazards within the working environment. This can be done as part of a Fire Risk Assessment and must be done by a Competent Person.

The following are just some of the actions needed to satisfy compliance;

  • Give all employees clear information of any potential fire risks and the measures taken to prevent them
  • Elect members of the workforce to perform fire safety roles and continually review precautions
  • Give all employees workplace fire safety instruction and training (during working hours)
  • Establish, document and make accessible to all employees a clear way of contacting the emergency services
  • Ensure that all fire detection and firefighting equipment is regularly tested and maintained
  • Make sure all emergency routes and exits are clearly marked and easily accessible
  • Ensure any temporary or contract workers are aware of potential fire risks and the safety procedures

You can do a Fire Risk Assessment yourself. However, if you feel you don’t have the expertise (or time!), you will need to elect or appoint a Competent Person. Or you can speak to us. Atlas Safety Management are proud to be an Affiliate of the The Institution of Fire Engineers and we have an enviable reputation for advising and training companies of all sizes, across a wide variety of sectors.

Our client testimonials feature the many benefits of using our cost-effective, time-saving services and the expertise within our team is second to none.

Fire safety you can trust

From Fire Marshall Training to Fire Risk Assessments, the Atlas Safety Management team are ready to advise on any aspect of fire safety and how to keep your business compliant and your workforce safe. If you’d like to know more, request a consultation today – they’re completely free of charge and done at a time to suit you.

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