Health & Safety Competent Person – who can you appoint?


A Health & Safety Competent Person requires the skill, knowledge and experience to identify hazards in a business environment, as well as suggesting sensible controls to protect the workforce from harm.

An employer must appoint a Competent Person (or persons – there can be more than one) to ensure that all health and safety duties are met.

The HSE defines a competent person as “someone who has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to manage health and safety“. However, it’s not essential for them to have formal qualifications and they’re not required by law to have formal training.

Who can you appoint?

As the business owner may be familiar with the hazards within their own business, it can make sense for them to be the Competent Person. They may also decide to choose an additional Competent Person, or two, from their own workforce. Both scenarios are perfectly acceptable.

However, if the skills or resource simply aren’t available in the business, outsourcing the role of Competent Person can be hugely beneficial.

Outsourcing Health & Safety Competent Person

Outsourcing can bring many benefits, including being both time and cost-effective, but the real value is the expertise that comes into the business. Having a trusted provider with the skills and experience to understand the needs of the business means any health and safety service can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Need advice about the role of Health and Safety Competent Person?

Choosing a Health and Safety Competent Person can be challenging, but Atlas Safety Management consultants are on hand to help. They can advise on internal training, assist with compliance or discuss the options of bespoke safety services – all of which are designed to keep your business compliant and your workforce safe.

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