How to prevent workplace accidents

how to avoid workplace accidents

The HSE reports that, in the UK alone, over 1 million workers suffer some form of illness or injury at work each year. For the period 2017/18 workplace accidents ramped up costs of £15 billion.

The HSE reminds us that the impact of workplace accidents includes human costs (quality of life, physical ability, mental health etc.) as well as financial costs, (loss of production, downtime and even credibility).

How can you prevent workplace accidents?

No business is immune to workplace accidents, but there are a number of structured tasks that will help limit worst case scenarios;

  • Identify the workplace hazards
  • Evaluate the risks to staff and visitors
  • Record and document your findings
  • Regularly review and update

These will form the foundation of a structured safety audit. Once the audit is complete, the planning can begin. A good health and safety plan will detail what may cause harm in the workplace, what needs to be in place to avoid this from happening, who is responsible for ensuring the tasks are done and finally, how the effectiveness of the safety measures is recorded.  

For complete peace of mind, a fully compliant business should have documented evidence of the following;

How can Atlas Safety Management help?

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