PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

What is PPE?

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is equipment used which protects those wearing it against Health and Safety risks at work.

PPE Includes: helmets, protective clothing, goggles, ear defenders, harnesses, gloves etc.

How do I know what PPE is needed?

PPE needs to be chosen carefully, employees will need to be trained on how, when and what is needed.

To help you decide if and what PPE is needed consider the following:

  • Who is going to be exposed and what are they going to be exposed to?
  • How long are they going to be exposed for?
  • How much are they exposed to?

Answering these questions will help to guide you to decide what PPE is required for the task you are about to carry out. You can look at whether you require a Hard Hat, gloves, goggles. If several items of PPE are required you will need to check they can be used together so they give maximum protection possible.

The PPE Regulations state that all PPE used must be CE Marked.

What types of PPE are there?

Head and Neck – Safety helmets, hair nets, fire protection helmets

Eyes – Goggles, Face screens/visors, protective glasses

Ears – Ear defenders, ear plugs

Hands and arms – Gloves, gauntlets, gloves with cuffs

Feet and Legs – Protective boots/ shoes

Whole body – Boiler suit, chemical suit, overalls or disposable overalls

Lungs – Respiratory protective equipment

Why is PPE important?

Providing and using PPE helps contribute to keeping a workplace safe, this goes alongside having procedures and training in place for employees.

With risks assessed and systems in place to control them some hazards will still remain, This is where PPE needs to be used to try and minimize these risks as much as possible.

Employers have a duty to provide PPE for employees and ensure it is used. Employees have a duty to ensure they use the PPE that is provided to keep themselves and others safe.

For Advice on Risk assessments, PPE, or Training, please contact our Team we are here to help and advise you with all your Health and safety requirements.

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