Red Tractor standards revised for health and safety

Red tractor standards

From the 1 November, Red Tractor, the UK’s largest and most comprehensive food assurance scheme will revise its farm standards. One of the biggest being that all farms with workers (not just those with more than five employees), will need a written Health and Safety policy to comply with red tractor standards across all sectors.

 What is Red Tractor assurance?

The original aim of Red Tractor was to restore trust in British food and farming, and after 20 years the Red Tractor logo is recognised by consumers nationwide for quality products which are produced to the highest standards. Around a third of Britain’s 150,000 farmers are Red Tractor members.

How will the revised red tractor standards impact agriculture?

The main aim of these changes is to enhance human safety and improve animal health and welfare. Due to the current high fatality figures in the industry (HSE reported 41 fatalities in the past year), health and safety is high on the agenda and the hope is that these revised standards will in turn create safer working environments for workers and those who visit farms.

How do I write a Health and Safety policy?

For farms that employ workers you will need a written health and safety policy which includes your;

  • Statement of intent and your commitment to managing health and safety on your farm
  • Responsibilities of those on the farm, adding their name, position and role into the policy
  • Practical arrangements that you have in place including; risk assessments, training and appropriate equipment and signage.

Atlas can help with your revised red tractor standards

Our agricultural expert, Dean has years of experience in helping farmers and agricultural businesses with their Health and Safety. To keep Red Tractor compliant and for further guidance and assistance on creating your health and safety policy, get in touch for a FREE consultation today.

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