Training, Through the Years

We all begin our training from an early age, This continues throughout our childhood!

Then, when we start our chosen careers, we obtain the knowledge and learn the skills which give us the ability to carry-out our work successfully.

Over time we become experienced but can we be considered as competent? The answer, in most cases, is no, there is one fundamental element missing… Training!

Most of us can lift things, climb ladders or use power-tools, some of us are able to operate plant equipment and Forklifts, but are we able to do all of these things safely? Do we know all of the hazards and risks involved? Are we aware of our legal obligations?

Every time you drill a hole in a wall, are you absolutely certain that it doesn’t contain asbestos? Every time you switch on an Angle-Grinder, are you absolutely certain that the wheel is safe and is the right one for the material you’re working on? Do you know if the dust mask you’re wearing is actually protecting you? Do you know what a Confined Space is? Are you legally permitted or able to supervise or manage your building site? The list goes on.

Without structured training the answer, again, is probably no. Legal matters aside, what about the health or safety issues? Do you know how many people in the UK are killed or seriously injured every year from using abrasive wheels or falling from low-level height? Or contract diseases such as Asbestosis, Silicosis or Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome etc?

The real tragedy is that almost all accidents and health issues at work can be avoided; training can go a long way in reducing these incidents.

Training doesn’t stop the minute you leave school, in reality it’s just beginning.

Atlas Safety Management can assist and provide you with all your training needs. Our Training courses include:

Alternatively, if you would like a free consultation and advice of what training is required for your employees please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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