Understanding construction site safety risks

construction site safety risks

Large or small, before any building project begins it is vital to ensure that the proposed work does not put others at risk. Careful planning and organisation is key to making any construction site both safe and fully compliant.

What are the common construction site safety risks?

There are many risks, all of which will depend on the size, location and nature of the construction project. However, some of the most common risks include;

  • Trips and falls
  • Poor manual handing
  • Excessive, prolonged noise and vibration
  • Moving plant and vehicles
  • Falling material and collapsing structures
  • Electric shock

The HSE states that 111 workers were killed in the workplace (during 2019/20): 40 of those were in the construction industry. Naturally, this scenario is emotionally distressing for the workforce (and their families), but it also creates additional financial pressures.

Where should you start?

Atlas Safety Management provide detailed and bespoke packages, designed to make sure your construction site stays compliant and safe, from planning to completion.

A thorough risk assessment will ensure that all construction site safety risks are clearly identified and documented in detail; highlighting the hazards, minimising the accidents and keeping the entire workforce healthy and safe.

Our team of safety consultants are always on hand to help provide site safety files, safety inspections, or staff training. For larger construction projects Atlas Safety Management can also act as your outsourced Principal Design Co-ordinator.

We’re ready to help

If you’re concerned about construction site safety risks, call Atlas Safety Management today or book your FREE consultation now. Our team of health and safety consultants are ready to keep your next project incident free.

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