What is a vehicle safety file?

what is a vehicle safety file

Do you have drivers within your business that travel between multiple sites? 

If the answer is yes then a vehicle safety file is an impactful way to ensure all your drivers stay compliant, whilst allowing your staff to manage risk quickly and easily on-site when completing dynamic risk assessments.

By having all the required policies and forms in one place it allows peace of mind for both driver and employer alike, reducing time spent referring enquiries to your office teams. Any questions can be answered straight away by referring to the vehicle safety file.

What is a vehicle safety file – the contents

We have produced numerous vehicle safety files for our customers, which contain the following documentation:

  • Policy Statements
  • Organisational Structure charts, and the responsibilities of Directors, Employees, and others on site
  • Health and Safety arrangements and procedures
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS)
  • Required forms, including accident records, site induction register, Toolbox Talk register, Weekly Vehicle Inspection Sheet, and the Health and Safety Law poster.

Everything the driver needs and the peace of mind that the vehicle safety file can be replicated for each driver.  

Safer vehicles, safer drivers

According to HSE, “Estimates suggest that up to one-third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is at work at the time.”

HSE recommend that to manage the risks from workplace transport effectively, and to support your vehicle safety file you need to consider three key areas:

Safe site

Every site is different and likely to present different hazards and risks; areas to consider are segregating vehicles and people, traffic routes, visibility, speed and lighting. The activity on site relating to vehicles is also an important consideration, from reversing, loading and unloading to tipping.

Safe vehicle

Maintaining your work vehicles is essential. HSE state that “planned inspections are a vital part of preventative maintenance. These may include daily safety checks carried out by drivers and regular maintenance inspections based on time or mileage.”

Safe driver

Employing competent drivers is key, providing ongoing training and making sure they have all the documentation and skills that they need to do the job.

Working with you to help keep your drivers safe

To explore any of the above in more detail, get in touch with the Atlas Safety Management team. We can help to support your business and are on hand to advise if you need vehicle safety support and a vehicle safety file for your drivers.

If you’d like to know more, request a consultation today – they’re completely free of charge and done at a time to suit you.

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