What to expect during a HSE visit

Why would I have a HSE visit? 

A HSE visit is often viewed as a negative event however there are lots of reasons why an inspector might visit your premises:

  • assess a new business or premises
  • perform a random compliance spot check
  • to investigate an accident or complaint
  • your business operates in a hazardous industry e.g. off shore, nuclear, rail

The HSE does however focus its resource and time on inspecting premises or businesses where the risk to health and safety is considered to be high.  

Can a HSE inspector arrive unannounced?

Yes.  There is no legal requirement for a HSE visit to be arranged in advance and inspectors are entitled to arrive unannounced.  They are however, required to follow the government’s code of practice regarding entering businesses.  

What will happen during the visit?

Depending on the reason for the visit, the inspector may:

  • ask about health and safety risks affecting your business and employees
  • assess your level of health and safety knowledge 
  • talk to your employees
  • assess machinery and equipment
  • review documents and policies
  • take photographs 

What if something is wrong?

If the inspector deems an activity, process, machine etc to be dangerous or unlawful they may instruct you stop an activity with immediate effect.  

What will happen after the visit?

The inspector will almost certainly offer either written or verbal health and safety advice.  Depending on their findings they may also issue an improvement notice, notification of contravention or prohibition notice.  They could also potentially commence prosecution proceedings.  

Unsure if your business is compliant?

As health and safety experts we work with business of all sizes and across multiple sectors to assess their current procedures and policies, offer advice and undertake risk assessments.  Get in touch today for a no obligation consultation.  

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