Will Brexit affect health & safety regulations?

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it’s timetable and a potential no deal, it can be difficult for businesses to plan sufficiently.

Health & Safety regulations are however, fairly straight forward. In short, Brexit will not change your health and safety rights or your duties to protect the health and safety of people.

Maintaining standards

The HSE is very much focused on maintaining health and safety standards post-Brexit regardless of how and when Brexit occurs. They state “Whatever deal the UK leaves the EU with, or in the event of no-deal, HSE’s approach to regulation is to preserve the UK’s high standards in health and safety and to continue to protect people and the environment”.

Regulation changes

To prepare for regulation once we have left the EU, minor amendments have been made to current regulations which, largely, remove references to the EU. A full list of regulation amendments can be found here.

Chemical guidance

Separate guidance has been produced for businesses who manage, process and transport chemicals. These guidelines are intended to continue the safe management of chemicals and allow friction-less trade with EU countries post Brexit.

Need further advice?

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