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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) are designed to keep everyone working on or visiting your construction project safe.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) are designed to keep everyone working on or visiting your construction project safe.

At Atlas Safety Management, we can assist you with your construction project from the outset, providing advice and support on all aspects of health and safety throughout the process, from assisting the main architect with principal design through to CDM advice and site safety files.

We provide you the client, with all the paperwork and documentation from set up and the pre-construction information, all the way through the process, to the health and safety file which is handed over to the client once the project has been completed. Making sure that not only is your construction site compliant, but that all the required documentation is easily accessible in one place. 

Atlas Safety Management can act as Principal Design Co-ordinator and work with the Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, or directly with the client, to ensure that the requirements of CDM 2015 are fulfilled, we can assist with smaller private projects through to larger, more complex projects that are ‘notifiable’ to HSE (if the project will last longer than 30 days and has more than 20 people working on it simultaneously; or if it will exceed 500 person days), So, you can be confident that your project is completed in a safe and fully compliant manner.

A designer (including a principal designer) or contractor (including principal contractor) appointed to work on a project must have the skills, knowledge, and experience, and, if they are an organisation, the organisational capability, necessary to fulfil the role that they are appointed to undertake, in a manner that secures the health and safety of any person affected by the project, this is where Atlas Safety Management can help.

Atlas Safety Management can produce all the paperwork and documentation needed for your project, which can include the following:

  • Site Set Up
  • Site Safety Files
  • Construction Phase Fire Safety Plans
  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaires
  • Signing In and Out Books
  • Policy Statements
  • Organisational Structure charts, and the responsibilities of Directors, Employees, and others on site
  • Health and Safety arrangements and procedures


  • Required forms, including but not limited to; accident records, site induction register, Toolbox Talk register, PPE register, and the Health and Safety Law poster.

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