Event Safety Management

One-off events have specific event safety requirements to keep organisers, participants and the general public safe.

Every event is different and even events which happen all over the country will have individual requirements based on their location; the type of machinery or equipment to be used; and the different groups involved in it.

Atlas Safety Management understand the importance of getting event safety right, and so we’ll create a bespoke health and safety plan based on the individual event type, location, even the time of year! We’ll assess exactly what the risks are, and put a plan in place to ensure that everyone has a good time whilst staying out of danger.

We can also submit the relevant documentation to the local regulatory bodies, such as town councils, to ensure that you are meeting your legal requirements to hold the event. We can also provide immediate risk assessments for the venue and ensure that all fire provisions are met, as well as giving advice and guidance to stewards.

Whether you’re planning a food festival, concert, or fete, Atlas Safety Management can help you make your event go to plan whilst keeping everyone who attends safe. We just can’t guarantee the weather.

Outsourced event safety management

Outsourcing your safety management to Atlas gives you access to specialist advice and bespoke packages. Arrange a call back for a FREE consultation with one of our health and safety experts at a time and day to suit you.

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