CDM Package

No Matter what your construction project is, we can help. We’ll provide a bespoke Construction (Design and Management) safety management system to keep everyone on site, safe.

Our specialist CDM department will keep you up to date with the latest health and safety in construction requirements and regulations, giving you reassurance that your project is fully compliant. We’ll support you every step of the way, with tailor-made services at each stage.

At the beginning of the project our expert consultants can create Construction Phase Health and Safety Documentation and RAMS, to ensure you have everything you need to begin work. If the project is notifiable to the HSE we can do this for you, so that you know your legal requirements have been met.

Construction sites are full of hazards, but we’ll help you to prevent accidents by producing all the documentation you need to keep site staff and visitors safe. Our user-friendly Site Safety Files are individually produced so that they are specific to your project, and contain all the required health and safety documentation in one place. If you’ve got more than one site, our Vehicle Safety Files will help your staff stay compliant on the move.

Throughout the project we can carry out site safety inspections to make sure that work is being carried out in a safe and compliant manner. Using more than one contractor on-site? Let us communicate with them all for you, giving you peace of mind that everyone understands the identified safety procedures and processes.

From design to completion, Atlas Safety Management helps you get the job done safely.

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More Safety Services

We can help with Fire Risk Assessments, Health and Safety Audits, and anything else you may need – from CDM and Construction Site Safety Files, to SSIP Accreditation and Workplace Inspections.

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