Agriculture Health & Safety

Often regarded as one of the most hazardous sectors, Atlas offer stringent safety packages for many agricultural industries.

The agricultural industry is statistically the most dangerous, with more accidents occurring to agricultural workers than in any other sector.

This isn’t surprising given that workers are exposed to risks from livestock as well as machinery such as combine harvesters and silos, and hazardous chemicals, as well as silage fumes.

We’ll help you to reduce the risks through a bespoke safety management system, created by experts who understand the particular needs of the sector and take a pragmatic approach to ensuring your agriculture health and safety compliance.

Our agriculture health and safety expertise isn’t restricted to farms as we also manage the health and safety challenges of horticultural trades, gardeners and groundsmen. These groups are also at risk due to their work with chemicals, chainsaws, and other machinery.

We can provide safety checklists to ensure that the equipment and machinery used by staff is safely maintained. If you have a site we can inspect it to identify potential hazards, and advise you how they can be avoided, as well as ensuring everything is sanitised and safe for you to deal with livestock.

Bespoke safety management for agriculture

Outsourcing your agriculture health and safety management to Atlas gives you access to specialist advice and bespoke packages. Arrange a call back for a FREE consultation with one of our health and safety experts at a time and day to suit you.

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