Electric Pallet Jack Safety


Electric Pallet jacks make quick work of moving loads around the workplace.
Pallet jacks protect your back from strains and injuries by moving heavy and
awkward loads and objects that would be unsafe to lift manually, but, as with any
powered tool, if used improperly, electric pallet jacks can become a safety liability.

Main Points

Watch for coworkers and obstacles at all times when you are using an electric pallet jack. Give
people the right of way instead of expecting them to get out of your way. Slow down and
proceed cautiously when you are at a crosswalk or obscured throughway in the workplace. Try
to stack and move loads in a manner that will not block your line of vision. Always use a spotter
to assist you if you cannot see around the load.

Electric pallet jacks are easy and safe to operate as long as the guidelines below are followed:-

• Prior to operating an electric pallet jack, always fill out the pre-operation inspection sheet.
This will ensure you are using an electric power jack that is in a good mechanical condition. If
the electric power jack does not pass the pre-operation inspection, do not use it and report
the malfunctioning equipment to your supervisor immediately.
• Always be cautious of the wide swing of the electric power jack. Keep your body, especially
your feet and ankles clear of the jack
• When operating the electric pallet jack always face the direction of travel, do not walk
• An electric pallet jack should never be operated on a ramp.
• The red button on the operation handle is an emergency reverse. This button will prevent
the electric pallet jack from running your over.
• The electric pallet jack, with a full load, can weigh as much as a car. You cannot stop, push,
or drag the electric pallet jack. Never use your body to stop the electric pallet jack.
• Always have the machine in the “off” position whenever it is not in use.

If a pallet is stuck on the forks of an electric pallet jack, there are only two ways it can be safely

• Using the hydraulics on the control arm move the forks up and down to loosen the pallet
• If this does not work, call a forklift driver over and have them place their forks on the side of
the pallet and it will slide off of the electric pallet jack.

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