Using Stairs Safely


Most of us use stairways every day going up and down various levels either here at work or at home. We have done it for years and the problem is… we no longer think about the real danger in doing so.

Falls on stairs is one of the most common incidents that occur both at work and at home.

Main Points

Stairs should be in safe condition and be of suitable design and dimensions for their use.

They should be

• well lit;
• have handrails at an appropriate height that contrasts with the surroundings;
• have good slip resistance properties, particularly at the leading edge;
• have clearly marked edges;
• free from trip hazards or obstacles.

Using Office Stairs Safely

The key to preventing slips and falls on stairs is to pay attention. Keep your eyes on the steps ahead and avoid texting or other distractions. Use the handrail. Most stairway falls occur when people aren’t using the handrail. Don’t try to carry something up or down the stairs if it blocks your vision or pulls you off balance. Exercise extra caution going down the stairs, as this is when a fall is most likely to cause injury.

Office Stair Maintenance

Falls on office stairs can occur because someone left an object on the steps. Remove anything on the stairs immediately. Avoid storing anything in stairwells. Keep an eye out for maintenance problems such as loose or damaged flooring and handrails or burned-out lights. When you find a problem, notify the maintenance staff so repairs can be made before someone is hurt.

Discussion Points

Safety Tips when using stairs:

• Never run up or down stairs
• Never read papers while using stairs.
• Never look at your mobile phone while using stairs
• Focus on the stairs, not conversations or other distractions that may be present.
• Always look straight ahead when using stairs.
• Only take one step at a time.
• Get help if you have to carry something up or down stairs.
• Ensure you always have at least 1 hand free when using stairs.
• If the steps are located outside, be extremely careful if it is raining or snowing.

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