5 benefits of online training

Effective health and safety training cannot, nor should be, a one size fits all approach.  However, for most businesses, incorporating some online training into their staff training plan is a highly effective solution with many benefits including:

1. Time efficient

Our online health and safety courses are completed in minutes not days or weeks.  Candidates can progress at their own pace, stopping and restarting their training when they are ready to progress and other work commitments allow.  

2. Cost effective

Our online training courses are competitively priced with most courses costing around £30 – £35 +VAT.  Additionally, for larger businesses or multiple course purchases we can arrange for a business account which offers further discounts.  Contact us to request a business log in.  

3. Up to date

Online delivery allows courses to be updated almost instantly ensuring your staff are receiving the latest, up-to-date information and best practice. 

4. Accredited 

Accreditation demonstrates competence and quality of training.  All of our courses are fully accredited and certified allowing you to demonstrate your employee’s competence in their area of training.  

5. Choice

Working with an online training provider gives you easy access to a variety of different courses.  At Atlas, we offer over 30 online health and safety training courses.  Furthermore, we are not simply a virtual training provider so where a practical element of training is also required we can arrange this for you as well.  

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